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How to Assess the Credit Risk of New Immigrants
Attract and retain more high-quality customers while reducing your risks

Executive Summary

With approximately 250,000 new immigrants arriving in Canada every year, financial institutions have a big opportunity to build long-term relationships with this growing customer base. Gaining insight into their credit history is key to offering them the right financial products while minimizing your risk. However, it’s often hard to assess this population’s risk due to their lack of a Canadian credit history.

Equifax’s New Immigrants Study revealed that these customers are often a wise investment. The study shows how new immigrant credit rankings will fare over the course of three years and offers key insights into their financial behavior.

This white paper highlights findings from the study – including insights about new immigrant delinquency rates and credit scores. You’ll also learn how to make accurate assessments about this population, so you can confidently approve more customers and drive sales.

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